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About Genesis Alliance

Connecting Cultures Through Christ.

"We at Lubbock Christian University are grateful for the important work that Genesis Alliance is doing within the Hispanic community here in Texas and beyond. Churches of Christ, and the organizations we support,  must reach out more intentionally to this culture, as our Lord would have us do.  Sixto, Wilmer, and all those who support the Genesis Alliance understand this reality, and are working to make a positive difference.” 


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We are compassionate, understanding, and rooted in the Bible as we seek lost souls and to spread the Gospel worldwide.  Genesis Alliance brings people together in their search for God and His hope.  With years and years of experience, best practices, and development, Genesis Alliance successfully has shared and will share the Gospel with Hispanics worldwide.

Wilmer Rivera - Full Time Church Planter & Disciple Maker



Sixto Rivera - Executive Director



Luis & Huguette Carrasco - Full Time Church Planters & Disciple Makers



"Genesis Alliance gets this. They understand that the future of the Hispanic ministry in the U.S. is going to be different than our Abuela’s church. And it’s going to be different from the model that we have used for the last four or five generations here in the United States where we have a Spanish-speaking group down meeting in the fellowship hall or in a chapel while the dominant group is meeting in the auditorium. We’re going to see new churches reaching new Hispanic populations in the future. And I’m thankful for the ministry and the vision of those involved with Genesis Alliance because they’re going to lead us in that path.”


Dr. Daniel A. Rodriguez

Pepperdine University

Professor of Religion and Hispanic Studies

Dr. Brian Starr

Lubbock Christian University

Executive Vice President


Our Objective

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Metro 100 & Beyond

To create new churches in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex to reach all generations of Latinos.  By 2021, to create a disciplemaking movement.

A team has been formed according to individual talents, gifts, and time.  Every member of this team is important — every function is vital.  Families in transition are much more receptive to hearing the gospel.   Most Latino families are in some type of transition. The window to reach them has opened wide. 


How can you participate in Metro100?

- Use your God given gifts and talents to reach the Latino people. You can be an Ambassador, Mentor, Disciple Maker, or Board Member.

- Help financially support a Disciple Maker so that he can commit his full time to this work.

- Suggest someone who might be interested in serving in this vision.

- Please pray for more workers for the harvest. 




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